The Transformation Legacy

The Transformation Legacy is an enterprise development company providing impact-driven enterprise and supplier development programmes that are geared towards empowering small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) to significantly grow their businesses.

We are a team of passionate experts specialising in developing and supporting SMMEs to propel their businesses to become sustainable enterprises. We do this through business mentorship and practical training programmes that are aimed at providing entrepreneurs with the necessary skills and support to build their businesses.

Our work is made possible through partnerships with corporate companies with whom we design and implement impactful enterprise and supplier development (ESD) programmes that go beyond the development of SMMEs and the enhancement of the B-BBEE scorecard. In addition, our programmes result in effective and measurable access to markets opportunities for SMMEs, as well as ensuring that corporate companies have suitable and reliable SMME suppliers that they can procure services from.

The Transformation Legacy offers the following services:

• Business mentorship
• Business skills training
• Enterprise and supplier development programmes
• Entrepreneur development programmes:
– Infinite wisdom facilitation programme, which includes in-depth
personal assessment and personal development mentoring.
– Transitioning entrepreneur programme: For full-time employees who
want to become full-time entrepreneurs.
– Women in entrepreneurship programme
– Youth township entrepreneur programme
• SMME business consultancy:
– Business plan development
– Business strategy development
– Business processes development

Developing people. Changing nations. Building legacies.

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