South African National Halaal Authority

With the global Muslim population exceeding 1.6 billion and expected to reach 2.2 billion by 2030, it is not surprising that the market for Halaal products and services has attracted the attention of big business. Many a franchise welcomes the opportunity to add value to their brand through ensuring that their offering is Halaal-certified; with the key success factor coming down to being able to hold to the highest operational standards, and maintain consistency. SANHA, as one of the country’s leading global Halaal certifiers, has over the years collaborated with many global and local franchise brands. It has invaluable experience in the certification process of this sector and is the certifier of choice to most South African franchise brands.

Its certification of the fast food and restaurant industry is based on a stringent monitoring and auditing system of every link in the chain, beginning with the franchisor who controls and dictates every aspect of the process, to the franchisee at the end of the chain. The franchise company is required to make full disclosures and enter into an agreement with SANHA which binds the franchisor to a host of conditions, including ensuring that all suppliers to the chain are Halaal approved; to not introduce any new item to the store without obtaining SANHA’s approval; to only supply certified/approved products to stores; and for Halaal franchise options only to be given to stores that have consistent, daily authorised supervisory control.

SANHA assures franchisors looking to go down this route that, by choosing SANHA they are secure in the knowledge that they are upholding the highest standards of Halaal. Visit for more information.

To find out more about how to best accommodate Muslim guests, visit: or call the Halaal helpline on 0861 786 111.