Scotrho SME Business Coaching

Scotrho SME Business Coaching was founded in 1997 by Guy Daines, after he spent 16 years in the banking sector and 2 years as a partner in his own small business.

Scotrho assists small-to-medium businesses that do between R10 million to R100 million per annum in sales. With market forces changing rapidly and the need to keep ahead of competitors, coaching has become a critical success factor for the majority of businesses, as it plays a key role in assisting not only strategic thinking, planning, behavior and habit changes, but the reality check of implementation of action plans for better results and positioning.

In 2016, Guy with his son Kyle (business partner), extended their business and sales reach by establishing 2 new strategic divisions:

→ Scotrho SME E coaching SA (online)
Sme E coaching is focused on those SME’s that do up to R10 million sales p/a and Start Ups.

 →Sales Wisdom 
Sales Wisdom focusses on sales people, sales managers and sales directors, both online coaching and face to face coaching.

These 2 business units were started due to the rise and demand for digital talent development. More and more people are depending on online learning solutions that meet their fasted paced lives. Many employees cannot find the time to spend hours on training courses or time out of the office. Given our knowledge, wisdom and experience, our solutions offer our clients the right type of support and guidance when it is needed.

There are many SME owners, startups and sales people that need to be bold and require improvement. Guy,  with 36 years business experience complimented with Kyle’s 7 years of experience,are a sound investment. Why wait ‘till it is to late? Keep it simple.

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“An investment in Knowledge pays the best interest”

Benjamin Franklin

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