ReichmansCapital is committed to helping SMEs get the funding they need to boost their performance…

Where traditional banks find ways to say ‘no’; ReichmansCapital looks for ways to say ‘yes’ to business owners who need a viable additional source of funding in order to maximise growth opportunities and enhance their assets. “Larger corporate entities have access to funds, banking lines or parent companies that can support them, but SMEs don’t have the luxury of that kind of support; they need a stable financier to support them” says Glenda Reynhardt. Delayed payments from clients has a negative impact on cash flow and is a risk to the business. Continuity in supply is broken, and their credibility is at stake both with suppliers and clients. Not having access to cash reserves also puts business owners on the back foot, and disqualifies them from benefitting from early settlement discounts or special prices. “For example, when dealing with branded items from overseas, we are often a season behind, and retailers are willing to sell a container of end-of-range items for half price. The items will move very well in our local market, but if entrepreneurs don’t have the cash on hand they can’t take advantage of these kinds of offers; while their competitors may very well be able to.”

Filling the gap
ReichmansCapital has a variety of products on offer to fill the funding gap, from trade finance through to asset and equipment finance and debtor finance, with specific products in between. “We’re not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, but prefer to structure funding that suits the client’s unique needs. ReichmansCapital have successfully facilitated management buy-outs with combinations of their products. ReichmansCapital stands apart from other financiers in that our consultants have vast business knowledge and experience to draw on, and will consult with clients, do a business analysis, and advise on the very best combination of products to take the business forward,” says Reynhardt. “We develop a close relationship with our clients and they value the expertise and perspective that we are able to give them.”

ReichmansCapital target SMEs and understand that lengthy turnaround times and bureaucracy are not conducive to efficient operations. They rely on more than balance sheets when making decisions and prioritise speed, responsiveness and innovation when granting credit. “Ease of transacting – with a dedicated person to process payments, and a flat-line structure which allows for easy access to decision makers, are some of our trade-mark characteristics, which have added to our strong brand and reputation in the market,” says Reynhardt.

Reynhardt says that ReichmansCapital’s role is to channel the enthusiasm that an entrepreneur possesses in the right direction, and give them the solid administrative background on which to build their growth. “If you’re looking to accelerate your business, make sure you partner with an institution that understands your business and with whom you can work well. This can make all the difference.”

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