One Digital Media

One Digital Media helps you to achieve profits in your business by boosting your exposure…

Entrepreneurs and small business owners deserve the right to be seen. To any business, time is money, but so is exposure. Not many small businesses have the time or money to spend on graphic design, social media, a good website or great content for digital screens. One Digital Media helps your clients find you or your products while you run your business.┬áThe company first designed original software for narrowcasting media into the retail space, which led to the building of a few digital media advertising networks. What really caught on were Digital Menu Boards and indoor LED’s. This allowed them to perfect the art of understanding individual business owners’ branding and marketing objectives. One Digital Media’s design team is experienced enough to relate to any client, while still providing design work that is exceptional!

Reducing human error
One Digital Media also write software for remote business management. What this means is that instead of people walking around doing surveys on paper; they can go paperless, through having much of the work automated. Human interaction and error has been reduced as much as possible.

All manner of operational data can be collected, collated and assembled in an easy-to-use dashboard which improves efficiency; from fridge monitoring and water tank readings to warranty tracking. No client is the same and therefore they develop a specialised solution to meet their demands. As they don’t outsource services, they have control over their performance. One Digital Media cares about how successful their clients are and continually put themselves in their shoes to understand where they could offer more value, whether it be branding, marketing, design or digital services.

The company’s next evolutionary step is largely based on technology; this is something that everyone agrees has to happen. ODM intends leading the way and continually innovating for their clients so that they can run more effective and profitable businesses.

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