Can you create a logo for your business? How about a website? An animated brochure?

Of course you can! Read on to find out how to embark on a design journey to change your business…

Whether you’re starting up as a one-man show or a business owner with a marketing budget, possessing design skills can put you in a position of great advantage. Being able to put together a simple brand for yourself, or producing some professional collateral for your staff can save you thousands, and ensure that your ideas are visualised exactly as you intended.

The team athave taken their 22 years’ experience in design and web development training, and combined the best aspects into a superb creative journey. Through a digital game board, called “your journey”, you can work your way through a series of recorded webinars, according to the pace and level of expertise you desire. Each 1-2 hour session introduces a variety of creative concepts, where you are shown how to work with creative software and given the tools needed to harness your creativity. The journey consists of different levels, and with every level reached you will gain a new skill; so that by diligently working your way through the levels, you will become proficient in web and/or graphic design.

Harnessing your skills

“If you think you’ve never had any creative ability, then fear not – there are ways to create incredible work, even without a lot of artistic talent,” says ofcourseyoucan.com founder and trainer Rudolph Pieterse. With a degree in Information Science, Adobe Certified Expert qualifications in InDesign, a Master’s Degree in e-Commerce and Certified Webmaster qualifications , Pieterse focuses on outcome-based training, which means you will be able to deliver on a project straight after each session. “And for those of you with a knack for design, there are tutorials that will show you how to harness those skills properly to become better and wiser.”

In this digital age of mobile apps and website advertising, entrepreneurs can’t afford to be left behind. “And should you still wish to work with a creative agency after completing your journey, you will at least be able to understand their lingo, way of working, and the possibilities available to you and to them,” ends Pieterse.

Visit: www.ofcourseyoucan.com to start your journey!