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Legal Sense was established in 2006 and specialises in providing affordable and accessible legal services to SMME’s across South Africa. Recognising the fact that we live in a very diverse country with plenty of challenges, Legal Sense has developed a service offering to cater for, and support, South African businesses.

We are living in a very litigious environment.  New legislation has also changed the business landscape, and it is hard for business owners to keep up with all these changes and the potential risks they can pose to a business.

Being embroiled in a legal dispute with a supplier or service provider, a CCMA referral from a disgruntled employee or trying to collect outstanding monies from a debtor can be a very stressful and very time consuming. Managing these kinds of legal issues demand a lot of time and money from a business owner – both very valuable commodities in a small business – which should rather be used to increase productivity and growth.

We also know that small businesses very rarely budget for legal fees. So, when disputes arise, most businesses do not have the financial resources to acquire the services of an attorney to assist and guide them through the process. This is when vital mistakes are made, which often leads to an undesirable outcome with even worse financial implications in the long term.

Legal Sense has recognised the need for affordable and accessible legal services for SMME’s and has developed a one-stop legal services solution to small business owners without breaking the bank.

Proactive legal services include, for example, the drafting of all contracts, assistance with problematic employee and labour issues, the drafting of HR and Company manuals, the chairing of disciplinary hearings, the collection of outstanding debt, general legal advice and assistance on all business-related matters and disputes.

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