For business owners a biometric time clock means accurate employee time and attendance records, and the biometric scanners eliminate cheating. “Employees can clock in and out as many times as needed, and the system automatically tallies their hours and gives precise reporting. So employees get their breaks and you pay for the hours they work,” explains Vivian Taback of International Time and Access Technologies (Itatec).

Start small
“Business owners can start with a simple entry-level fingerprint reader if they have a few staff. For bigger organisations, systems are available that can store 3000 fingerprints or more,” says Taback, “and our enterprise systems are cloud based and can include many sites spread around the country”.

In addition, biometric systems are used to control access to buildings and premises, improving security in these times of high crime. Itatec supplies door locks and turnstiles to provide a complete turnkey solution. The old card or PIN-code door openers are vulnerable and so a biometric system is always the best choice when it comes to safety of one’s people and premises. The new Speedgate is a major improvement in controlling reception areas to ensure that only authorised people go into a building.

The right solution for you
Itatec has a range of best of breed biometric readers to scan fingerprints and even faces. Facial recognition is the most convenient biometric system available. One clocks even when one’s hands are full of parcels, or the fingers are dirty. This is a special advantage in the food industries and medical facilities where hygiene is so important. A professional consultant from Itatec can advise on the best choice and provide a free quotation.

A portable version of each reader makes it possible to collect employees’ clockings out at site and have them transferred back to head office via the internet or the cellphone network. Itatec has its own in-house developed time and attendance software called Clockwatch. To get the best advantage of the system, Clockwatch caters for many real world factors like tea and lunch breaks, overtime, shifts and grace time. Useful management reports are produced and Clockwatch integrates easily with popular payroll software, making it a huge time and money saver. With one click you can generate a file ready for processing your payroll, saving you time by avoiding manual entry and this also eliminates errors.

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