Elysian Consulting

Elysian Consulting is a 100% female-owned business, established in 2017. Founded by Ane Verster, an advocate and business consultant with over 13 years’ experience, the business aims to be a trusted legal partner to clients, providing a professional and affordable service through customised end-to-end solutions. They deal in corporate and commercial law, mining and construction law, as well as privacy and compliance solutions to the need of each and every client.

The team consists of consultants with a wide variety of experience across the different services offered, which is a big advantage to clients as specific and tailored legal-related work can be outsourced to them, while litigation matters can still be referred to the traditional firms that clients are used to dealing with.

Elysian are focussed on providing clients, small to large sized, with alternative and specialised professional consulting services to address the specific needs of clients, is cost effective and have the least impact on the day to day operations of the client.
The service offerings includes contracts and specifically handling the routine components of the contract life-cycle process (drafting, managing, reviewing and negotiation thereof); commercial support through legal opinions, ad-hoc legal services, legal risk management to eliminate potential legal risks and the outsourcing of all client legal services to Elysian; regulatory compliance and privacy law solutions; and tailor made training and E-learning programmes.

Visit www.elysianconsulting.co.za.