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South African businesses fail largely because of cash flow-related problems and an inability to manage administrative and business processes.

Around 56% of businesses site this as their inherent business challenge.

For more than 60 years, Transaction Capital Business Solutions has been assisting suppliers of goods and services to businesses like yours with their funding needs, we can also assist your business.

We enhance a business’s cash flow through Alternate Funding such as Debtor Finance and Property Backed Lending.  We’re familiar with the daily struggles around cash flow and have grown into a company that specialise in removing the burden of cash flow shortages. With SME’s representing approximately 50% of South Africa’s GDP and roughly 60% of the workforce, it’s become a strategic imperative that businesses become aware of the funding alternatives available to them.

SME owners need affordable end to end solutions; specifically tailored to their unique requirements. With particular focus on growing sales by diversifying service and product offerings, ensuring competitive advantage in the market place. What happens in the back-office should flow seamlessly, thereby creating peace of mind whilst building a scalable, sustainable and profitable business.

Key benefits of Transaction Capital to your business.

  • We can solve your short and medium term cashflow challenges with regular cash advances by advancing cash to your business based on the amount outstanding in your debtors book.
  • We can advance 70% on invoices less than 60 days old. This allows your business selling to other businesses on credit terms, instant access to funds that are outstanding from your customers invoices
  • You can use the funds for the importing and exporting of goods, raising finance for capital equipment or raising finance to increase stock holding.
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